At Night


Beautiful read.

Rex Dominguez

why does the moon make me feel hollow
the mountain call me, follow
I ask, must the chemical collision
culminate in the nerve’s decision
to shudder and shake, I do not know
and no, there is no sufficient answer
worst still, a universal cancer
while I drink, my body, concrete dancing
after-hour’s spell, loudly ranting
why does the moon make me feel anything

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Caging so tightly

to keep peril at bay,

but these petals seep open

letting melancholy stray.

And these petals of blush

soon wilt into gray;

obsolescent ashen

petals drift far away.



Left unsaid;


Loyalty: that is my first identifying factor. Once I choose something – or someone – and give myself to them, I am their’s until they decide to leave. 

Because of this, I choose not to tempt myself with anything that will conflict with that aspect. 

I’m an admirer of words: a writer. I believe words hold more power than most will acknowledge, and that words also create actions. 

That being said, there are things better left unsaid. 


Teddy knew it best.


“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground,” the famous quote by President Theodore Roosevelt, resonates through the hearts of many. While it is imperative to instill in our young ones — while their minds are still full of hope and adoration — the desire to dream beyond their mundane abilities, and believe in infinite possibilities, the need to stay grounded and stable are what will keep them balanced.

Inspiration is treasured, and vital to kindle that drive which makes us believe in ourselves; believe that we are capable of achieving difficult tasks in life. We aspire to do great things, because we always have something to look up to. No matter who or what is placed in our lives, and no matter who or what is taken from our lives, there will always be a miraculous beauty above our heads that can calm us, and inspire us. We reach for the stars before we even comprehend what that means. We go through our lives enduring its cruelties, its malice, and each time we pull through stronger as we rise above, putting us closer and closer to the stars. That change in proximity is a sign of growth, and of renewal. We are not lifted from the ground, for our feet remain solid. We simply grow. We have something to reach for, while we have something to catch us if we fall. It is the purest form of balance.

It’s not exclusively a visual concept. It is an emotion; a belief. A person believes that their dreams await them beyond their obstacles. They can’t see that dream, but they believe it’s there; they know it’s there. Does their lack of view determine the existence of their dreams? Or is it their credence which simply opens these possibilities for them?

Keep dreaming, keep wondering, and most importantly never cease the wandering.


Tuesday Muse


Free spirited, strong willed, and coveting none, I seek the unexplained and impossible. In my nearly twenty-two years of life I have yet to rest on the simple belief that “what you see is what you get.” I believe in everything I see and every possibility. Are our thoughts pre-determined, floating about in the heavens, gravitating to our minds as we pull them from above? If unsure, find out, and never forget to be weird, be uncanny, be eccentric; never allow others’ perceptions of your truest self hinder your ability to wander the universe in search of something greater than what you are told. Establish yourself, and do not sway from your wisdom. You will find your way. In the brilliant words of J.R.R Tolkien, “All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not whither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.”



The Working College Student


They don’t tell you in high school – those who do not start work early – how difficult it can be to juggle an education as well as a profession. They also don’t tell you that even when an entire town shuts down do to excessive snow, including local businesses, and schools, that the Universities remain open, upholding their mandatory attendance policy. The good news, is I’m actually learning important things while in class, but it doesn’t make the commute any easier. One day, though, one day I will be graduated and pursuing my career. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to only work, without the stress of assignments and deadlines. On the bright side, I have appropriately bundled up.

Stay warm, East coast.